To develop concentration and focus, to create mind-body connection, Yoga session is held to build up muscle, increase flexibility and develop balance among students.

Assembly presentation regarding land transportation by Montessori was done. Students also had Auto Rickshaw ride and had great fun.

DHACSS Montessori participated actively in Edutainment Fair Organized by Pakistan Montessori Association on 9th Feb 2020.

Polio promotion campaign was conducted today to educate children on the debilitating impacts of polio and to encourage students to maintain good hygiene to help protect them.

Orange color day was celebrated today by Montessori and Adv. Montessori

Hands on learning plays a vital role in the lives of children keeping that in mind the Montessori Directresses  organized the role play for the kipper series book "THE HAIRCUT" which was well received by the children. 

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